Photographers: Lee Hawkins, Hristina, James@Example Mag, Simon Lewis, April Newman, Angus Rushworth, Joe Singh, Ray Whittaker, Mike Hale, Mairead McHugh, Rob Thomas, Ffion Roberts, Ian Palmer

Get ready to see acts of astonishing bravery as stilt-walkers, jugglers and unicyclists tumble through the festival site all day, creating spectacles as they go. Workshops will welcome those amateurs and semi-professionals out there eager to learn new skills or improve on old ones, and as dusk settles the flames of the firedancers will flare and dazzle through the night. We have expanded the arts & crafts across site, including the new chill-out healing area down by the pond where you can get a proper pampering. Visit our garden and get yourself some remedy and soul-soothing. Be wowed by the natural skills in our craft quarter and get involved in the folk jam when the bouncing and partying has tired your legs…

India Roper-Evans_Nozstock 2012

India Roper-Evans_Nozstock 2012

 Folk Jam

Talented musicians who love to strum, sing, blow and pluck unplugged and informally, join us!  There will be a safe place to put your instruments down and the opportunity of singing your favourites and playing your heart out. Its at the bottom of the craft area by the pond. See you there…….

Tea and Empathy Welfare Tent

If your in need of some, well, tea and empathy then this is the perfect place! Whether you have partied too hard, feeling a bit delicate or your in dire need of a safety pin, the staff at Tea and Empathy know exactly what to do to get you back on your feet and back into the festival!

The Chicken Cow Cafe

Yee haw! After his recent successful debut in the bingo ring, Brian is chomping at the beak in anticipation of his return as the poultry star of ‘Chicken Shit Bingo’. You too could be a winner if Brian happens to be standing on your number whilst nature calls.The Chicken Cow Cafe

Grab a bite to eat whilst you stand around hollering at Brian the cockerel- you never know, he might just poop on your chosen number. Freshly brewed coffee, hot toddies, huge pieces of our signature courgette cake with elderflower and cream cheese icing, plus delicious quiche, homity pie and baked spuds straight out of the oven. When night time falls get your butt over for some ‘way-out-of-line’ dancing, or if you feel you’ve got the skills, come and take part in our Break-back dance-off (cowboy hats essential!). The Naked DJ provides late night tunage with a Texan twist, or you might just want to pop along the morning after to put your cowboy boots up, eat porridge, and chill out to some good ol’ country music. 50% of all profits from the Chicken Cow Cafe go to Herefordshire’s New Leaf.

Ballz Out Circus Troupe

Get ready to see astonishing bravery as stilt-walkers, jugglers and unicyclists tumble through the site. Workshops will welcome those amateurs eager to learn new skills and as dusk settles the flames of the fire-dancers will dazzle through the night.

Yeleni Healing Zone

A varied programme of workshops and complementary therapies from Yeleni Support Centre. When you need a break from the festival hive, visit Yeleni in the Healing Zone for a choice of various massage types and an unwind. By helping yourself you will be helping someone else too! Profits go towards helping those with cancer and chronic illnesses…

My Ella sustainable textiles workshop

My Ella sustainable textiles workshops will be returning to Nozstock for the fourth time! This free workshop aims to empower people to develop skills to express themselves artistically while helping to reduce waste and care for our  planet. Join Helen and her team (in their 100% recycled bell tent made of old duvet covers!) as they teach the principles of upcycling and using eco fabrics. You can make prehistroic fancy dress or dinosaur tails! Be as inventive, creative and as green as you can be!

Fancy yourself as the industrious type? Learn a new skill or make a memento of your weekend in our craft haven…

Blacksmithing with Jenny Cole

Learn basic blacksmithing techniques to make your own hooks, pendants or other small items.

Chalk Carving

Using chalk as a base for learning carving techniques used in welsh love spoons.

Willow Weaving

Weaving willow to create either simple willow wands for children or longer workshops to create farmyard animals.

L is for Leather

Leather working where participants can make bags,  belts, bangles or for the adventurous full costumes of their own design.

Crunchy Cobs

The horses are back in the craft area and will once again be offering the opportunity to have a cart ride around the site.

Lots of Pots

Learn about plants and take away your own propagated plant species.


Not to be outdone by those big consumer festivals, Nozstock has thought to bring you your own shopping boulevard, but with a touch of the different. Meddle in the arts and crafts or treat yourself to a bit of consumer naughtiness. Don’t forget to browse our selection of official Nozstock merchandise with brand new in-house designs for 2013. We’ve got hoodies to keep you warm when the night-chills hit and t-shirts for the balmy summer afternoons. Almost everything you can imagine can be found so try and pull yourself away from the music to have a stroll around…

As well as delicious sweet treats from our various vendors, meat and veg of all varieties can be found on site to sate all appetites. With a focus on local sourcing, good variety and high quality no belly should be left unfattened!

What’s Herefordshire good at? Cider and beef! That’s right – delicious Herefordian meat will be available as tasty steaks and burgers and our themed homegrown bars, will be serving you the finest local ciders and homemade cocktails.

Plus we’ll have delicious foods of the world, including lovely fresh Italian pasta, pizza and panini to proper curries and some choice comfort snacks. Fill your tummy – you’re going to need that energy for all that dancing.