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At the heart of the festival site and set in the auditorium of the Orchard is Nozstock’s main stage. Here you can expect to dance your socks off to a bill showcasing homegrown talent, alongside the pick of the national newcomer crop and the best of more established acts. A brilliant mix of bands from all over the world will pick up the pace with rock, indie, ska, hip hop, world percussion and some surprises.

This stage has seen action from the seminal Blockheads with Phill Jupitus, The Proclaimers, The Futureheads, Jake Bugg, Dreadzone, Vintage Trouble and Alabama 3 to name but a few,  The icon centerpiece to the festival, many a cider will be swilled and a jig performed on the lawns of the Orchard.


Roots Manuva

Signed to Ninja Tune, Rodney Smith, known by most as Roots Manuva burst onto the British rap and hip hop scene with the release of his 1999 debut Brand New Second Hand. 6 successful albums, various sell out shows, a mercury album prize nomination and a Best Hip Hop Act MOBO later and Roots Manuva is one of the most internationally respected figures in hip hop. Never afraid to be dark and to lend from different styles his lyrics are distinctive and his most recent album 4everrevolution is perhaps his most diverse. One of the most exciting bookings ever to grace The Orchard Stage Nozstock we give you Roots Manuva!

Roots Manuva pic

Fun Lovin Criminals

New Yorks finest export The Fun Lovin’ Criminals are best known for their 1996 hit “Scooby Snacks”, but they are no one hit wonder. Easily covering serious issues with their ever so laid back, jazzy mix of alternative/rap, you’ll love their discography as much as their chart topper. They manage to be gritty yet humorous and boast a fierce European following. Their most recent album, 2010s Classic Fantastic welcomed them back onto the live scene and saw a collaboration with Roots Manuva. Front man Huey Morgan is a well respected figure in the industry, fronting 6 musics popular The Huey Show, sitting in as guest presenters on Radio 2 and taking the helm for various TV show. With a wealth of experience, including album sales in the millions, FLC are an electrifying headliner for the Orchard Stage Friday lineup!

Fun Lovin' Criminals

The Heavy

‘We’re very excited to announce that playing us out on Sunday night are Bath-based four piece The Heavy. Fans of everything from Community to Borderlands will recognize their sassy funk-rock anthem ‘How You Like Me Now?’, and they’ve got plenty more in their box of tricks for you lucky Nozstockers this year. Acclaimed by NME for pioneering the credible reinvention of soul, the band bonded over vintage R&B before deciding to take up the musical mantle themselves, and what results is a melange of styles and inspirations which really can’t be missed: legend has it that they were the first band to be asked for an encore when performing live on David Letterman. Blurring the lines between old school soul and guitar-heavy indie rock, genre-benders The Heavy will be sure to see the weekend out with a bang…’

The Heavy

Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six are an explosive and outspoken five-piece rock band described by Kerrang! as “taking ska, pop, grime, dubstep, punk and metal apart, then rebuilding them as a hyperactive hybrid”. They have toured extensively across Europe (including a slot at Nozstock 2010!) but still manage to release regularly. The bands influences are diverse, with sounds reminiscent of The Specials and The Streets all shining through in their music. It was the infectious ‘For The Kids of The Multiculture’ that really marked Sonic Boom Six as industry champions – it was named Single Of The Week on Kerrang! Radio. The perfect Sunday evening sound, we give you Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six

The Skints

The Skints are bringing their ‘East London Reggae’ sound to Nozstock! Hailing from London and formed in 2005, The Skints mix reggae, hip-hop, dub, ska and punk and have a reputation for energetic and passionate live-performances. They have toured extensively on their own and as support for a wide variety of artists such as Gym Class Heroes through to Reel Big Fish. Sure to appeal to a variety of taste’s down on the farm, we can’t wait to welcome The Skints to the Orchard Stage…

Molotov Jukebox

Described as “relentlessly fiery”, what better artist to grace the Farm than GypStep pioneers, Molotov Jukebox. This 6-piece band, started out with gypsy and dubstep. In the meanwhile calypso, funk, ska, flamenco, samba, house, electro, pop, reggae and soul have joined the party. As that’s a bit of a mouthful, and considering all of their songs have a ground of traditional gypsy sound and a ‘dirty beat’ their fans have affectionately dubbed their sound GypStep. Fronted by the accordion playing Natalia Tena of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fame, this Best Breakthrough Award nominated band “is born out of love; love of each other, love of music and a love of making whole roomfuls of people dance till they fall over (or fall in love). (Pledge Music)


Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer, the alter-ego of rapper Jim Burke, will be giving everyone an elocution lesson at Nozstock this year. A pioneer of ‘chap-hop’ aka hip-hop delivered in a Received Pronunciation accent, Mr. B has performed at Glastonbury, club NME in Paris and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Along with his banjolele, Mr. B will be rapping about pipe smoking, high-society, cricket and coming ‘Straight Out Of Surrey’.


Radio Riddler

Side project of Brian Fast Leiser and Frank Benbeni of the well loved Fun Lovin’ Criminals Radio Riddler are purveyors of the very best dub/reggae mixes around. Live; they bring the noise with a full array of instruments and are definitely one to pencil in to your ‘must see’s’ this Nozstock! (If you like what you hear keep your ear to the ground for their 2014 release of Purple Reggae – a dub/reggae mix of the entirety of Prince’s Purple Rain – sacrilege or genius; you decide?!)

Dizraeli and The Small Gods

Dizraeli and the Small Gods play a heartfelt reinvention of hiphop – somehow fusing hip hop with folk in an exciting mash up. Since the release of his album Engurland rapper and poet Dizraeli has been called ‘the half-daft missionary who forced folk to marry hiphop’ He won the BBC radio 4 poetry slam and has even written hip hop plays. His band The Small Gods all come from a range of backgrounds from beat boxing to string quartets. Since their inception they have played Glastonbury and worked with the likes of  Jam Baxter. You won’t see a more talented crew than these guys and we are chuffed to welcome them to Nozstock.


Fickle Friends

Feelgood summer pop sounds are garnished with the ethereal vocals and melancholic lyrics of front woman Natassja Shine when this Brighton-based five-piece set loose. With a jam-packed festival calendar, don’t miss this chance to hear their new-wave dancey pop beats in the Orchard. We guarantee you’ll be grooving and crooning along with the best of ‘em.


Wyldeck is a four peice folk band with a twist, a dark & psychedelic one. Hailing from London, their first E.P, Wolves, is highly acclaimed throughout the world of psych-folk. Wyldeck are fast becoming a leader in the genre, building a strong reputation for their rock-like stage presence & live performance.

Josephine & The Artizans

Complex rhythms, classical vocals, heavy beats and rap… these are just a few of the musical influences that make Josephine & The Artizans the diverse 10 piece band that they are. This blend of classical, hip hop & rock together create a sound that is fresh and innovative, and with a string of successful performances under their belt we are sure Nozstock is in for a treat.

Box of Light

Box of Light is a five piece rock band from Norwich with a unique vintage rock sound. Taking influence from the likes of Paramore and Florence and the Machine, their single Falling is out now. This band is guaranteed to have you hooked, no matter what  floats your musical boat!

The Fresh Dixie Project

Introducing five fresh-faced, sharply-dressed, gents from the south east. The Fresh Dixie Project will be bringing their unique “crossover swing”, as they describe it, to the Orchard Stage. It’s an infections blend of classic 1920s jazz and swing, with a modern twist. Joyful, exuberant and bursting with energy; yet also muddied with a darker, grittier edge, their music really packs a punch. No strangers to the festival scene, they have previously received a standing ovation at the Cheltenham jazz festival. They deliver on thier promise to be “just as electrifying for the feet as they are for the ears”, so if you are looking to lose yourself in a rawkous old knees-up, then this is the band for you.

Elle & The Pocket Belles and Mista Trick

Delve into the past with these sassy and stylish beauties that quite simply sizzle on stage.  The statuesque Elle and her ‘Pocket-sized’ Belles perfectly embody the class and glamour of the Hollywood Golden Era. Together with Mista Trick‘ they combine the dazzling sights ‘n’ sounds of Vintage Swing with glitch hop and drum n bass.  So get ready to get your toes-a-tappin’ and your arms-a-flappin’!  

Abi Wade

Beautiful Brighton based artist Abi Wade is a singer/songwriter who’s also a wizard on the cello, which catches your attention when you see the sticks and beaters she uses to play with! She’s classed as a solo artist, but we aren’t sure we would class a solo artist as someone who sings, plays the cello and uses her feet to play the tambourine and the Cajon, yes you read that right, her feet! We’d class that as an incredible one women band! Abi’s music is a mix of folk and pop which definitely gets a 10 out of 10 for relaxing and chilling the crowd, Abi has already become a popular act on the festival circuit. We’d like to suggest that you pick up a copy of her latest album, but the EP instantly sold out, you go girl!

Disco Panther

You may remember these funky panthers from the Bandstand last year. After blowing us all away there, we decided to move them to the main stage. The 10 panthers come from Swansea and despite being crazily busy with many other musical projects, and gigs alongside the likes of Craig Charles they’re combining to funk it up for all you Nozzers this year! These guys bring just about every instrument you can think of and as much soul and jazz as James Brown. Prepare yourself for phenomenal funk and partying with the mighty Disco Panther.

The Cadbury Sisters

The Cadbury Sisters release their debut EP Close via Fear Of Fiction on 16th June 2014. Like all the interesting things in life, they come with a secret – their great great grandfather was William Cadbury, the man behind the world famous chocolate company. Jessica (vocals and percussion), Mary (vocals and electric guitar) and Lucy Cadbury (vocals and acoustic guitar) are his direct descendants and yes, they are all sisters. Their goal is simple; to take the spirit of traditional English Folk music, infuse its DNA with contemporary influences such as Fleet Foxes, Daughter and First Aid Kit before disseminating it into the world. If Cecil Sharp House were run by Saga Noren this is how its corridors would sound.

Le Galaxie

Described by Harmless Noise as ‘merging all the delirious wonderment of Daft Punk with Kraftwerk” Le Galaxie are an Irish four piece with electro beats, techno rhythms and a good splash of synth. Their album Laserdisc Nights 2 was voted’s number 1 Irish album in 2011. These four will have you dancing from start through to finish. Their sets are enegetic, or as put it ‘alive like the heart of your nearest star…techno geeknerds don’t rock out like this do they?” Yes Nozstock, they do.


The most relaxing duo to step onto the Orchard Stage this year has to be GAPS. With their hazy sounds and washed out beats. The members Rachel and Ed were school friends and came together to deliver folky vocals, quality drumming and first class skills on the guitar. “Listening to their music is like flicking between radio stations catering to each specific genre” (Paul Lester, The Guardian) Their music is full of sounds, styles and genres you wouldn’t expect to be associated with each other but somehow it works!  It’s quirky and it’s different, we like!

Tako Lako

This bunch of Balkan musicians describe their music as ‘trashy world beats and psychedelic gypsy tunes’. The lead singer will have you dancing your shoes off, followed by your socks, with his electric folky stage presence. Easily one of the most memorable and entertaining acts at Nozstock 2013 we dare you to try and stop yourself moving when this band starts playing. Oh and they have an accordion player, what more can you ask for?


New Town Kings

This 9-piece ska band from Essex will delight audiences at Nozstock. In 2007 New Town Kings won the grand final of O’Neill’s Undiscovered Live competition hosted by Radio 1’s Colin Murray at the Islington academy: ‘New Town Kings were great live, they were the best audience pleasers and are made to play live gigs’ – Colin Murray. Since then they have toured extensively earning further praise for their live shows: ‘Never have I felt such warmth emanating from the stage, and never before have I seen it being so enthusiastically reflected back to the musicians’ –

Fight Like Apes

Officially the band with the most compelling song titles this side of ‘just about sane’ including ‘Pull Your Arms Off – Let’s Play in Your Blood;’ ‘Waking Up With Robocop’ and ‘Kathmandu (Face it, You’re Caviar, I’m Hot Dogs). Fight Like Apes don’t disappoint with their punky vocals, punchy riffs and tongue in cheek connotations. As they say themselves, “Like a snotty kid poking a dead crow with a stick; or a scabby knee that you just can’t help but keep picking at; these are scenes from the A&E at the end of the world, and Fight Like Apes are open for admissions.”

Whales in Cubicles

Alt rock four-some Whale In Cubicles are next big thing, rocking stages around the country with their big sound at explosive and fierce gigs since 2010, the Whales have been praised for their impressive combination of melodic lyrics, hazy guitars and raw vocals. Hailed by Drunken Wolf as their favourite active British Band, and also favoured by the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, these guys are not to be missed.

Bomb Skare

Scotland’s 9-man ska juggernaut play wave upon wave of breakneck ska rhythms and energetic reggae truly blowing audiences away with three-part harmonies, working together with choppy guitar sounds and an explosive horn section. “true musicians and true performers …rare attributes these days 10/10” Stuart Westwood – GigApe

The Boom Boom Booms

Describing their sound as “Two singers, two screaming gretsch guitars, big double bass, and one hot sax” The Boom Boom Booms hail from across the world, Liverpool, London, Belfast, Toronto and New York City. With their tracks being played on BBC Introducing, this “international band of miscreants” will be sure to rock your Jurassic minds!

Big Deal

Founded in 2010, Alice Costello and Kacey Underwood are one of the hottest duos in the capital. They describe themselves as cheese cringe, post cringe, hard cheese, cheesegaze, cringe and slacker kings, beautiful losers, daydream dropouts. We’d say it was some of the best Indie Pop we’ve heard in ages. Whatever it is, we like it. You make your own mind up on them. Their second album June Gloom is available now.

Dan Glover

Energetic Welsh man Dan plays a plethora of folk and blues. Invited back after an amazing set in 2013, Dan is first to take to the stage on Friday – come and be captured by his godly voice.

Red Room Therapy

This alternative rock group are winners of our #PlayNoz comp 2014 and will be playing The Orchard Stage at the festival this year. They are big on the festival circuit and were a massive hit at Liverpool’s Sound City earlier this year. They’ve been gigging relentlessly through the UK since forming in 2010 so are pro at owning their performance!! They’re heavy on the whisky and rum and love having fun, making Nozstock their place to be!!

Sugar Mama

An electric rock ’n’ roll trio with slicked-back swagger. Sugar Mama’s frantic live show of self-penned garage rock provides an enticing soundtrack to their energetic stage antics. Formed in 2009 while completing college, the three childhood friends honed the band’s style in the clubs and bars of the West Midlands, gigging frequently whilst building up an ever-evolving repertoire. By 2012, word of mouth about the band took them as far as the landmark Isle of Wight Festival, which they played before going on to headline Upton Music Festival and Bentworth Blues later that summer.

Beth Prior

Expect folky, reggae fuelled gypsy soul from Shrewsbury’s raw and souful songstress. Gigging as a solo artist for the past year, Beth is an independent artist with a refreshingly honest voice.

Parker & The Suitcase

Parker & the Suitcase was born out of Toby Parker, Herefordshire’s very favorite tenacious troubadour- singer, guitarist, harmonica player, foot tambourinist – experimenting with sitting on and banging a suitcase with a drum beater on the streets of Liverpool, whilst playing all the aforementioned. His bluesy folk is instantly reminiscent of the greats; Dylan, Springsteen, Lennon, to name but a few; and yet always manages to keep its gloriously organic, refreshingly interesting edge. Parker then had the happy addition of Eric Ng on double bass and backing vocals, added loop pedals, maracas, distortion pedals and an expanding range of stage hats. They busk, they gig clubs, birthday parties, weddings, festivals, they wake up the neighbours, and they’re gracing the main stage this year: they are Parker & The Suitcase.