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Here at Nozstock we embrace the whole family festival experience, this means you will find great activities and entertainment for all. Our children’s space is a friendly welcoming environment for both parents and littles alike. All are welcome to get creative, be amazed by wondrous stories and entertainment, or roll your sleeves up for some physical fun. We believe that festivals are the place to create some magical family memories that will last a lifetime and what better place than The Enchanted Glade? You can stay and play all day and take part in as many activities as you wish!



 Cave painting

Unleash your inner artist and leave your mark on the walls of the Hidden Valley for archaeologists to discover in years to come…

Caveman games

Battle it out gladiator-style… who will be the champion of the Jurassic Farm? (foam clubs only, we promise!)

Dino drumkit

Practice creating some prehistoric rhythms of your own on our dinosaur bone drumkit.

Treasure hunts

Forage around for tribal warpaints to wear as body decoration and show your true cave colours.

Prehistoric arts n’ crafts

Bring out your inner Flintstone with some handmade dino bone hair-wear to complete the cave look and show those dinosaurs who’s boss…

Jurassic jewellery

Be the talk of the campsite with your handmade shell and bone necklaces!

We promise that whatever you choose to make or do you and your child will take away special memories that make coming to Nozstock a family must for the summer. As well as all this you will find:

Climbing frames

To suit the amateur rock-climbers among you…


Come along to watch, learn or show off your skills with the hoop and join in the hula hoop games!

Beatboxing workshop

Can’t get enough of the music here at Noz? As well as the rhythms from our dino drumkit there’ll be the chance to turn yourself into  a beat-boxing expert.

Circus time

Watch and enjoy a circus show in the Enchanted Glade- and there’s even the chance to learn some skills of your own in the circus workshops.

DIY crafts

We just can’t get enough… with gyroscopes to play with, loombands workshops to help you create your own jewellery, and giant bubbles to blow and pop you’ll be busy crafting the whole weekend.

Puppet shows

Who doesn’t love puppets? Watch amazing stories come to life before your very eyes with our exciting puppetry shows and maybe even have a go yourself!

Drama games

After learning some musical skills, let your imagination run wild and join in our crazy drama games.


Come on down to the Enchanted Glade and listen to some exciting stories unfold, or unwind in style before bedtime.

Preschool area

Fun for pre schoolers! There will be fun with salt dough, mini bouncy castles, blocks and bead frames to keep your tots amused plus changing and bottle warming facilities!

…and much more to discover!

Plus all kids activities are free to all once inside the festival.