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Here at Nozstock we embrace the whole family festival experience: this means you will find great activities and entertainment for all. Our children’s space is a friendly welcoming environment for both parents and littles alike. All are welcome to get creative, be amazed by wondrous stories, sculptures and entertainment, or roll your sleeves up for some physical fun – because we know that engaged minds and fingers mean happy kids, who will leave with a whole heap of things they have made, and magic moments that they will never forget. All events and activities are free of charge in the kids area, we strongly believe families shouldn’t foot the bill for festival fun. We even offer a free bottle warming service! Some of the activities on offer include:

Build a rocket

An ongoing project throughout the weekend. If you love arts and crafts then come and help us build our rocket!

Geodesic Climbing Frame

Fun for all the little ones…a geodesic climbing frame to play on.

Swing Boats

Vintage fairground fun, come and play on our swinging boats!

Drama Games

Get involved with our fun space themed drama games. 3,2,1…Blast off!

Hula Hooping Mania

Learn to hula hoop like a pro with our fun workshop.

Make a clanger whistle

Musical fun! Learn to make and play your own clanger whistle to add more music to your weekend..

Sealegs Puppet Show

Beautiful puppets to enthral and entertain…

Space Crafts Central

Lots of different space themed craft activities- come and make a futuristic memento of your weekend!

Crazy Ball Run

Can you get our ball from the start to the end of our course? Use your imagination to create the craziest pathway!