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The Garden Stage hosts a diverse and eclectic brew of bands and DJs providing alternative sounds. This stage spans all genres from throbbing dance, funk, and hip hop, to blues, rock and acoustic musings. At the right time, you might even hear a burst of opera. Ideally situated on the hillside overlooking the Farm’s lake, with the Garden Bar just around the corner, this is the perfect spot to sit in the sun and wet your whistle to beautifully blended guitar riffs, stoking the fires for a late night dance to some filthy electronic beats.

Announced so far…


Beardyman’s performances have been viewed over 50 million times on YouTube alone with improvisation being at the heart of the creative process. He’s the lovable beatboxing champion, the festival favourite last heard playing the charismatic stoner on Fatboy Slim’s global smash Eat Sleep Rave Repeat. But the musician emerging from hiding on his startling new album ‘Distractions’ is virtually a different species altogether. It’s a multi-faceted collection that takes in blissed-out declarations of love, glitchy electronica and thwacking great big pop songs. What it definitely doesn’t have is straight-up beatboxed pastiches. Right now, making people dance is Beardyman’s ultimate distraction.

DJ Hype


Few DJs or producers could claim to be, or have been, as active and committed to their music as the Hackney born DJ Hype is. Gaining experience as a member of the Heatwave Soundsystem (part of Shut Up & Dance), he mixed reggae, hip hop and house with the ‘all-inclusive’ attitude he now applies to drum and bass. He has built soundsystems, A&R’d for Kickin’ Records, worked with both independent and major labels and hosted radio shows on the seminal Fantasy FM and Kiss. Hype now owns and operates the legendary Playaz empire – a seminal institution which for almost 20 years has provided high quality music for the junglist massive.

Congo Natty

Rebel MC has dedicated a lifetime to his craft. He first announced himself as part of hip hop/dance act Double Trouble that catapulted the name Rebel MC into homes up and down the country. 1991 saw the release of his second album ‘Black Meaning Good’, which saw the fusion of the British underground hardcore techno sound with dub basslines, the precursor to a style of music that eventually became known as Jungle.  By 1993, Rebel had two labels; X-Project and Tribal Bass, but it was the foundation of his Congo Natty Recordings label that cemented Rebel’s place in Jungle music history. Over the next seven years, the name Congo Natty became a standard bearer for the authentic Jungle movement, spawning numerous hits. While the remixes kept coming, Rebel’s interest in the history of Ras Tafari took him deeper into his faith.  A trip to Ethiopia in 2007 changed Rebel’s life forever. He returned re-invigorated, determined to champion the cause of the UK’s emerging talent through his Congo Natty and other labels.

Ed Solo

This prolific producer from east London really is a Jedi master of sonic science: drop the needle on an Ed Solo record and you’ll soon know about it – no one makes club music that cuts through a soundsystem quite like him. Ed is an iconic artist on each of the drum ‘n’ bass, breaks and dubstep scenes. In the latter field, he’s recently been creating a firestorm with Sludge Records, the label he co-runs with Deekline (the pair also run booty breaks imprint Hot Cakes together). We cannot wait to welcome him back to The Garden Stage to show us how it’s done.


Deekline is that rare figure in dance music, the seminal producer who balances the cutting edge and the mainstream with effortless flair. Head of the London to Brighton-spanning Hot Cakes collective of producers, promoters and DJs Deekline is a bass music icon. In the studio, he is a bonafide musical shapeshifter, his impressive diversity having seen him rework the likes of Armand Van Helden and The Prodigy. In 2013 his 2-step-flavoured reworking of Lethal Bizzle & Donae’o’s Not A Saint anthem proved he’s still in touch with his UK garage roots at a time when the sound has never been hotter. Fittingly for a producer whose Hot Cakes brand has become a byword for bassbin-shaking bravado, this is one artist who’s cooking up a storm right now.

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon LIVE

Nozstock 2015 will welcome Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon the insane duo to the Garden Stage. Both established in the hip hop scene 2014 saw them release their first album together ‘Killer Combo’ which showcased Syntax’ renowned wit and Hip-Hop talent and Pete’s producing skills. Before 2014 they we’re both killing it on as solo artists and collaborating with some British greats. Syntax has released various successful albums and Pete has been known for making beats for most of his life, having produced for the likes of Action Bronson, Guilty Simpson and Punchline. If this doesn’t get all you Nozzers excited I don’t know what will!!

Mr Woodnote & Eva Lazarus

After sharing his talents with Europe Mr Woodnote has returned to where it all started….. Bristol. Mr Woodnote and his Saxaphone know how to get a party started like no other and will have you creating the funkiest bounce known to mankind along with the Birmingham born Eva Lazarus. Eva Lazarus is a women of many talents writing her own music and collaborating with artists from all genres. Eva Lazarus  is no stranger to creating an electric performance “with her energetic dance moves and MC skills comparable to Warrior Queen” – Wychwood. Mr Woodnote and Eva Lazarus will be creating their own ‘out of this world’ experience over at The Garden Stage.

Smokey Joe & The Kid

In a galaxy far far away… otherwise known as France, musical duo Irb and Senbei aka DJ Smokey Joe and the Kid will be hopping over the pond ready for their Nozstock debut! These two musical masters specialize in all things hip hop and swing. Their live performance holds no boundaries expect everything from percussion to vinyl scratching.

Gypsy Hill

Gypsy Hill describe their sound as “the beast from the middle east.” The five-piece band from London mix up sounds from all over the world, combining Balkan, Gypsy and Swing together to create a truly unique sound, along with the help of DJ Kobayashi and his electro beat, this bands performance will not disappoint! After their performance on Radio 1 Live Sessions in 2012, the band has developed and toured all over the globe and are now even featured on the mobile app ‘Ninja Jamm’ alongside artists such as Bonobo and Mr Scruff.

Dead Players with Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghost Town

Super human rap crew Dead Players made up of Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghost Town all originate from the highly acclaimed label ‘High Focus’ and all have big reps on the British hip-hop scene. All three are known for being workaholics, spending all their time in the studio and building up their reputation. As Dead Players they offer complex lyrics that flow and have been dubbed ‘the chameleons of rhyme’. With Ghost Town bossing the production side and Jam and Dabbla owning the rap, prepare yourself for some top quality alternative hip-hop and grimey dubstep music from this crew…

Sounds of Harlowe

The Sounds of Harlow boys are known for being electric on stage, so we could be in for a treat at Nozstock this year! Forming back in 2011, Soloman O.B, Keno Decosta Medford, Jamie Aubrey, Mike Gill and Chris North make up sounds of Harlowe. They’ve been wowing crowds across the UK and playing prestigious venues like The Jazz Cafe in London, Moles Club in Bath and Beach Break Live in Newquay. If you’re looking forward to some alternative hip-hop which blends R&B and soul then these dynamic sounds are for you…

Natty Speaks

Our Garden Stage compere for 2015, Natty Speaks is an irrepressible Hip Hop entertainer – versatile, gifted and outspoken. On stage he carries audiences on a journey via freestyle Hip Hop, Reggae toasting, off-the-cuff comedy and human beatbox. It is an explosive combination that has ignited stages from Jazz Cafe to Glastonbury Festival. Off stage he is a producer, DJ, record label boss and inspirational workshop leader propelled by a passion for empowering young people. When Natty Speaks, people listen.

Ruffnek Diskotek with Dub Boy, Dutty Inspectors and Ghost Writerz

Throw your hands in the air and give a shout out to the Ruffnek Diskotek Crew and thank them for bringing together The Dutty Inspectors and Ghost Writerz. Expect some musical wizardry with spells from dance hall and rave being cast upon you. When Now Then Magazine came around from their trance this is what they had to say after seeing The Dutty Inspectors; “The Dutty Inspectors provide hours of unbelievable dancehall, bashment and soca. They have a constant party vibe, free and fun loving.”  With a distinct London sound Ghost Writerz have just dropped their new single ‘Back It Up’. These guys will be sure to keep you warm as the only reaction to hearing them is to get up and shake your stuff. This is a cocktail of music genius not to pass by. You can expect a shot of dancehall, a squeeze of soca, a dash of hip hop, a measure of reggae & jungle and a sprinkle of rave. All skillfully mixed together and served in The Hidden Valley.


Solko are a seven piece band from Suffolk who blend together a mix of ‘fusion dub/rock’. They are winning over the hearts and wearing out the shoes of people all around the UK through their phenomenal live energy and powerful groove-driven writing. 2012 saw the band be invited to Abbey Road Studios by the BBC and play BBC 6 Music whilst 2014 saw gigs with the likes of Smerins Anti Social Club and Resonators. This band keeps evolving with new music and tour dates being released all the time.