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Psytrance stalwarts Tribe of Frog return to Nozstock to bring deep beats into The Coppice all weekend long. Euphoric, luminous and with an incredible attention to detail, this beautiful spot within the festival, run by these tried and trusted promoters with their finger on the pulse of their audience, brings regulars back year after year.


Project Sketch

Project Sketch is the deliciously inventive solo live act from Al Psymmetrix, its roots are in progressive trance but it touches many styles and influences bordering on electro,minimal and using sounds from many genres. Its prime mission is to rock the dancefloor. Being dancefloor orientated, project sketch creates an intense mind-washing wirlpool of sound that is electric and alive with passion. the basic idea is to try to reproduce that feeling of being dancing and lost in a bunch of sounds that go well together and produce a totally new sound, a style that keeps changing and flowing, ever-rising, hard and solid combined with fragile melody’s, crushed drums and kicks that just keep coming. Project Sketch is the UK sound of squat prog, music with soul, attitude and chickens.

project sketch

Dirty Saffi

The hard twisted acid soaked offspring of the romantically intertwined DJ Nuky and Al Psymmmetrix. With a mission to rock dance floors with hard psy-trance straight from the heart chakra combining animal passion and sharp mind shattering production. Anti-pro-demonic leads washed and hung out to dry while bass lines bigger than an elephants charge at the speed of sound. Highly charged positive trance looking towards a post-electronic soundscape built on silky smooth production and powered by love… this is Dirty Saffi!


Big Scary Monsters

Big Scary Monsters was born when a Dirty Monster, a Silly Monster and an Illegal Monster met in a cave. They got lost on the mountain and Raël freaked out (because it was too psychedelic and he couldn’t handle the monsters. It also had nothing to do with aliens). Soon, they discovered that they had each got a pair of hands and a brain. They went to Psymmetrix and Illegal Machines Studios and started to twist some knobs with their hands and use their brains to make killer blablablas… After a couple of months of practicing; some sounds came out (weeeaarrrwumzowpffffzing%*##%) and now they can be found blasting dancefloors all over the world (Astana @ Kazakhstan , Ulan Bator @ Outer Mongolia and Peckham @ London) with their unique brand of monster psychedelic trance. After all these successful performances, Bom Shanka Music decide to catch the Monsters even if it was a bit scary in the beginning. But they managed to tame them long enough to sign contracts and promise to send out their new stuff… They are now renting a cave in Uzbekistan in a secret location (there are old kidney dialisis machines lying around for some reason) and pumping out some cool new sounds ready for their first EP!

Big Scary Monsters


Subliminal System

Subliminal System is the full-on psy project of Will Bolam, whose music has been rocking dance floors since 2005, and is full-on psytrance featuring influences from other genres such as breaks, electro and. Fusing melody with the dark and twisted to make music that’s dancefoor friendly but that can be listened to at home too. Doof doof squelch, varied basslines, tempos and beats.


MONK3YLOGIC is the current project of Will (aka Subliminal System) and Mike (aka B3yondControl & Mike Logic). Based in the depths of Bristol they have now carved out a niche in the new wave of Psy Breaks/Psychedelic Tech-Funk. Exciting Psychedelic sound scapes, techy lead lines and driving bass lines are the cornerstones to Monk3ylogic’s unique sound. With a string of top tens and No.1’s on the breaks charts of Beatport and Trackitdown, Plus a number of high profile gigs across the UK and Europe including Boomtown, Glastonbury (Arcadia Stage), Glade, Sunrise and Matter (London O2 Arena) to name a few.


Tongue & Groove

Jake Ainley and Ric Featherstone met at Flying Rhino and T.I.P parties in the 90’s, realising they shared the same passion for music they began their journey DJ’ing, creating music and parties. Collectively they have released tracks on labels such as Flying Rhino, T.I.P and Spiral Trax. More recently working with James Monro, Dick Trevor and Slyde. Now producing as Tongue & Groove, pushing the boundaries of Techno and Psychedelia, fast gaining a reputation for tearing up the dance floor with havin’ it, yet cheeky tunes!

tongue and groove

Vagrant Misfit

Vagrant Misfit, lead DJ, live act and general backbreaking hardworking slave of the once infamous Ninja Hippies Bristol freeparty crew! Now moving on to focus more on quality music and rocking DJ sets! Covering a variety of psychedelic trance but maintaining strong melody throughout. Proud to now be affiliated with Woo-Dog Records.

vagrant misfit

Steve OOOD

OOOD (aka Out Of Our Depth) was formed in 1994 with 4 members since 2001 (Colin, Steve, Rama, Ryokan). They’ve been very prominent on the scene for the last 20 years. They have worked with many of the names and labels from the scene, as well as producing some of Goa Trance’s classic tracks. OOOD are well known for their Live sets but also have been noted for their originality, sense of fun and excellent production they bring to their releases. So worth coming down to the Coppice to see part of the legendary DJ/producer quartet!


Graham ‘Geo’ O’Reilly has been a disciple of electronic music since it first started to appear on our streets well over 20 years ago, a journey which continues with passion and enthusiasm to this day. It wasn’t long before he took to the decks himself, inspired and influenced by the new Scandinavian Progressive sound. Around 2001 he and some friends put a progressive psy night in Bristol called ‘Entheogenic’, this attracted the attention of Tribe of Frog where he has been a resident DJ ever since.


Orestis is from Greece and started Djing in 2001 and making his unique dark and atmospheric influenced sound since 2004. Orestis’ compositions are inspired by the universal flow of our daily feelings and experiences. Orestis is making many appearences all over Europe during the festival season, so worth coming to check out.


Psydigitals passion in life is music. He produces trance, progressive, and techno music and this year brings his tunes back to Nozstock after an amazing set in 2012.


Brought up around the trance scene from a very young age Neutron quickly developed a passion and love for Psychedelic music. Originally mixing Goa trance, over the years his style has developed into something more fluid and melodic.Signed to Lua records in 2011, he has been playing at parties all over the UK ever since, with a wallet full of heavyweight unreleased music.


DJ Suddha is Tom Armstrong, originally from London but now a frequent Bangkok resident and mischief-maker on the city’s small
yet vibrant party circuit. DJing for over 15 years, his pumping, positive and deeply-psychedelic sound ignites dancefloors wherever he plays.

James West

Bristol based DJ.James West, has been going from strength to strength in the last 5 years. A Tribe of Frog DJ competition winner and a regular to the ToF parties, James has progressed to producing tracks and will be performing his live debut at this party! Fresh new sounds from this promising and as yet, unsigned artist!


Wiki, originally from Denmark is one of the few Tribe of Frog female DJ’s. She has played at parties and festivals all over the UK, including the legendary Synergy Project, Alpha Omega, Broken, Tribe of Frog, Sunrise Festival, Boomtown Festival, Wickerman Festival as well as gigs in Denmark, Ireland and India. Wiki’s versatile style is said to take her audience on a musical journey, one to watch in the Coppice this year.


Leeds based Superboss (Magic Lantern) has played at the likes of Auto addictz birthday party and Magikana Festival.


Frog DJ Natzan has been on the scene for years putting out great sets at Waveform and Frog parties. We welcome Natzan to The Coppice for the first time.


Signed to Digital Mind Records as a label DJ, you’ll usually catch this lively and energetic DJ bouncing around behind the decks at various Cardiff and Bristol underground parties.


Psychosonic is one of the original core frog crew. Step into the TimeGate and he will send you on a nocturnal journey of twisted growling psychoteck.

F’da F’da

F’da F’da’s sets always leave an impression on the Nozstock masses. He has giggled all over the UK at club nights and festivals and has even walked up Mt. Kilamanjaro for charity! It just add to the awesomeness of a DJ who delivers again and again…


Part of the Legendary Tribe of Frog, in Bristol England, and a resident there, Simon has been DJing for 15 years now across the globe with his own style of blatantly disregarding genres limitations


Hemp has been a resident frogger for years and is no stranger to showing Waveform, Sunrise and of course, Nozstock how it’s done.


A resident frogger and experienced DJ, Dr G’s love for expansive progressive psychedelia shines in the open air.

Mike Logic

Mike is A&R and label manager for Liquid Records which puts his finger on the pulse of the UK psychedelic sound.