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Psytrance stalwarts Tribe of Frog return to Nozstock to bring deep beats into The Coppice all weekend long. Euphoric, luminous and with an incredible attention to detail, this beautiful spot within the festival, run by these tried and trusted promoters with their finger on the pulse of their audience, brings regulars back year after year.

2015 acts included…

Brainiac ~ live (grasshopper)

Brainiac is Phil from Croatia, born and raised in Munich (Germany). At the beginning of the millennium he started DJing and visiting Electronic Music events regularly, which influenced him to write his own music. Soon his releases appeared on well reputed labels such as Wakyo Records, Grasshopper Records, Vagalume Records, 24/7 Records & Solar Tech Records, which took the industry by the surprise with his crystalline production and powerful sound. Through his releases he gained considerable reputation which led him to perform at numerous high profile events such as Universo Paralello (Brasil), Nagisa Music Festival (Japan), Urban Art Forms (Austria) and various others in countries such as Mexico, Italy, Ireland & South Africa to name a few. His sound combines futuristic rhythms and high-tech sounds with a psychedelic twist while keeping the essence of melody and atmosphere alive. And wherever he performs, it’s magic on the dancefloor.

Asimilon ~ live (bom shanka)

Suited to the early daytime or early night Asimilon’s sound is powerful and groovy tech influenced psychedelia with flowing softer-hard semi-melodies and small geckos scuttling down your ear drums then multiplying into tiny shards of ‘proppa’ trance… almost like the good old days, but fresh, new, and years before its best before date.
Asimilon has been writing and performing music and DJing mostly psychedelic trance since 1996, is part of Psymmetrix, Big Scary Monsters and A.R.T. Conspiracy and utilises his experience of international dancefloors to good effect. Some highlights of his career include appearing at events such as Antaris in Germany, Modular Dimension in Italy, Party People in Moscow, Noisy Radicals in South Africa, The Glade in UK, Gaian Mind Summer Festival in USA and many other festivals and parties.

Psymmetrix ~ live (bom shanka)

Based in London, Al and Richie Psymmetrix have been deeply immersed in the global music scene for well over the past decade as DJs, producers, label owners & party promoters.  Firmly established in the psychedelic underground they have amassed an impressive back catalogue of releases and an ever growing list of past performances, having released over 35 tracks across 8 different labels & played at major events in UK, across Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and the Americas.

Occular ~ live (Bom Shanka)

Since 2010 Occular has been producing and DJing psytrance. His love for the music has helped him develop his style and skills in a relatively short amount of time. At the age of 21 Occular has already had a few releases and played across Europe and India. Occular’s main influences through his short time involved in the trance scene have been mostly the UK night time sound of Bom Shanka and Wild Things. Occular was first introduced to the scene when he attended Tribe of Frog in Bristol. At the time he was mixing and producing drum ‘n’ bass, techno and dubstep. After this he immediately started making psytrance. Based in Bristol, he was able to get involved with the local free party crews like Ninja Hippies and soon started playing Tribe of Frog on a regular basis. His sound combines driving bass lines with groovy, hypnotic leads. Occular continues to build on his psychedelic sound and trip over on the astral turf..


Graham ‘Geo’ O’Reilly has been a disciple of electronic music since it first started to appear on our streets well over 20 years ago, a journey which continues with passion and enthusiasm to this day. It wasn’t long before he took to the decks himself, inspired and influenced by the new Scandinavian Progressive sound. Around 2001 he and some friends put a progressive psy night in Bristol called ‘Entheogenic’: this attracted the attention of Tribe of Frog where he has been a resident DJ ever since.


Part of the Legendary Tribe of Frog, in Bristol England, and a resident there, Simon has been DJing for 15 years years now across the globe with his own style of blatantly disregarding generic limitations.


Hemp has been a resident frogger for years and is no stranger to showing Waveform, Sunrise and of course, Nozstock how it’s done with his dark psy sound.

F’da F’da

F’da F’da’s sets always leave an impression on the Nozstock masses. He has gigged all over the UK at club nights and festivals and has even walked up Mt. Kilamanjaro for charity! It just add to the awesomeness of a DJ who delivers again and again…


Wicki, originally from Denmark, is one of the few Tribe of Frog female DJs. She has played at parties and festivals all over the UK, including the legendary Synergy Project, Alpha Omega, Broken, Tribe of Frog, Sunrise Festival, Boomtown Festival and Wickerman Festival, as well as gigs in Denmark, Ireland and India. Wiki’s versatile style is said to take her audience on a musical journey – one to watch in the Coppice this year.

 High Style

All the way from Cape Town, Corbin will have you stylin out to his underground darkspy flows.


Long time techno head and funky frog, Actarus brings big groovy basslines and cosmic waves to the Coppice.

Rich Nelson

Winner of the Frog DJ Competion in 2011, Rich Nelson has been a firm favourite since, playing at the likes of the Tribe of Frog’s 14th birthday.


Funky, psychedelic  and  patron to the genre, Subsaharan will be blowing up the Coppice.


A resident frogger and experienced DJ, Dr G’s love for expansive progressive psychedelia shines in the open air.


Psychosonic is one of the original core frog crew. Step into the TimeGate and he will send you on a nocturnal journey of twisted growling psychotech.

Subliminal System (phar-psyde)

Subliminal System is the full-on psy project of Will Bolam, whose music has been rocking dance floors since 2005, and is full-on psytrance featuring influences from other genres such as breaks and electro. Fusing melody with the dark and twisted to make music that’s dancefoor friendly but that can be listened to at home too. Doof doof squelch, varied basslines, tempos and beats.

Monkey Logic (liquid, broken robot, broken)

Over the past few years the inimitable Monk3ylogic have been playing dance floors across the globe and working tirelessly in the studio to continue producing their unique groove drenched style. This Bristol based duo are continually evolving, keeping their sound as fresh as when you first heard it, embracing so many genres fluidly,
which is obvious to every dance floor they direct their electrifying live shows. The guys have played their part in helping the new wave of psybreaks find its sound, pioneering their own take on this ever growing scene. This has now seen them playing many major UK festivals, as well as festivals and events around the world, and have a string of successful releases to much acclaim. Working with top UK underground labels Liquid, Broken Robot and Broken, Monk3ylogic take great pride in placing themselves firmly in the underground psy scenes, ever evolving and ever attempting to take psychedelic sonic sound to new destinations.