cinetent collage 2014

Nozstock’s resident Cinetent, Wrong Directions, showcases a collection of eclectic short and feature films varying  through documentaries, live-action narrative tales, music videos, animations and experimental works. Previous reels have been brought to you by, among others, Encounters Festival in Bristol, London-based innovators onedotzero, Manchester-based northern Exposures, quality stalwarts BBC Film Network and by Nozstock The Hidden Valley.

In 2012 Nozstock welcomed Herefordshire-based, experimental visual collective MASH to host the tent. Mash Cinema have been organising events and screenings since 2002 and continue to promote art, film and music through their events locally and internationally.

Most recently MASH co-curated a Live Cinema Foundation event in Haggerston, Forest Hill Film Festival and the Vortex Cinema Club in South East London.

With The Light Surgeons, Max Hattler, Scanone and Modulate in the tents alumni, MASH continue to programme entertaining, educational and challenging content.



The Lost World

1925 – DIR. Harry Hoyt – The original film version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s towering adventure story, The Lost World follows a young professor and his team who find their lives in danger when they set out on a jungle expedition to prove that dinosaurs still exist. Featuring pioneering stop-motion techniques from Willis O’Brien (King Kong), and starring silent screen icons Bessie Love and Wallace Berry, this film created a worldwide sensation on initial release.

Gammera the Invincible

1965 – DIR. Noriaki Yuasa – An ancient giant turtle monster called ‘Gammera’ who has been unleashed from its icy tomb by an atom bomb only to terrorize the entire country of Japan. This is the first film in a series of Kaiju (giant monster) films featuring the monster Gammera. Though created to capitalise on the success of Toho’s popular Godzilla films, Gammera did manage to find success on its own and spawn its own franchise. After several sequels over the years, fans have widely regarded Gammera as one of Japan’s most memorable Kaiju characters, right behind Godzilla.

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

1965 – DIR. John Sebastian – Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet is an American adapted and edited version of the Soviet science fiction movie ‘Planeta Bur’ (Planet of the Storms).
It is the year 2020 and the Moon has been colonized. After travelling 200,000,000 miles, the first group of men land on Venus, a prehistoric world, where the crew are attacked by various monsters and plants.

Brain Wash

This is the third time Brain Wash have contributed to the Wrong Direction programme. Once again they invite you to come and cleanse your brain with a mind melting mix of new and classic content from the UK and beyond. Brain Wash is a film and arts collective, comprised of content creators, visual artists and film exhibitors dedicated to showing you the films that others wouldn’t dare. 

Motion Sickness

For the first time in summer 2014 Motion Sickness have teamed up with Mash Cinema to curate a selection of films to be shown at Nozstock festival. The screening will be a look at some of the best pieces from the blog since its creation. Prepare for a selection of short films which will intrigue your senses and challenge your perceptions. Motion Sickness is an online portal dedicated to giving exposure to top directors, advertising campaigns and production houses across the globe. Its aim is to provide creative inspiration in the form of animation, motion graphics, live action and VFX. The site was originally started by graphic designer Vector Meldrew who also runs the creative agency Dazzle Ship based in Shoreditch, London. 

Off Tinters

A selection of videos made for Youtube went the wrong way and end up in our Cinetent.
Featuring clips from the likes of ‘How to Basic’ and ‘The Gregory Brothers/Schmoyoho’ amongst others,we find ourselves immersed in themes and styles you won’t find in ‘classic’ short films. Informative, hilarious, controversial and sometimes extremely dark, this programme is one for those with an open mind and a love of cats.

Check out this Youtube clip of ‘Flying Robots’ by Schmoyoho

Classic Kids TV

A selection of classic kids TV programmes from the 1940s – 1960s featuring Watch Mr Wizard, The Funny Manns, Howdy Doody, Super Circus and Sense & Nonsense. 

Don Slepian

Musician, concert artist, composer and video artist Don Slepian began making music as far back as 1968, programming computers and building his own electronic music circuits and sculpting sound with now-primitive studio tape techniques. He spent most of the 1970’s living and recording in Hawaii where, among other things, he was a synthesiser soloist with the Honolulu Symphony. The pick of his instrumental ambient and downtempo music spans three of the albums he recorded in the 1980’s for the Fortuna and Audion labels after moving back to the U.S mainland. We are honoured to be able to screen audio visual work from Don’s illustrious 45 year career.

Check out this Youtube clip of ‘Sunflower Geranium’ by Don Slepian

Yoshihide Sodeoka

Yoshihide Sodeoka is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Yokohama, Japan, who’s lived in New York for more than two decades. Sodeoka’s neo-psychedelic work with video, GIFs and print simultaneously inhabits the world of fine art and music (he’s collaborated with bands like Tame Impala, Yeasayer and The Presets).
Sodeoka’s work has been shown all over the world, from Centre Pompidou, Tate Britain, Museum of Modern Art, Deitch Projects, La Gaîté lyrique, Channel 4 Random Acts UK, Baltimore Museum of Art, OneDotZero, Sonar Festival, Haifa Museum Israel, Transmediale and Whitney Museum of America’s Art Artport. He’s in the permanent collections of Museum of the Moving Image as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Sodeoka’s experimental video art label, Undervolt & Co was founded in 2013.

Check out this Youtube clip of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant‘ Directed by Sodeoka

Gwaith Swn

Returning this year are Gwaith Sŵn, a UK-based art collective working principally with sound. Sometimes, great art and great music is born when different styles, philosophies and mediums collide. Sound Art is an emerging practice that has grown out of the avant-garde jazz, contemporary classical and conceptual visual art movements. But wait, if that doesn’t sound appetising, don’t be put off – the real magic of Sound Art is the opportunity to experience something new and exciting. There will be eclectic, live audio-visual performances that explore ambience, electronics, improvisation, noise and silence. Bring open ears, open minds and
expect to hear something new, weird and wonderful.


PLEASE NOTE: The cinetent is kid-friendly all day until evening, with some specific children’s showcases screened. At 6-7pm each night the tent switches to ‘night-mode’ then throughout the night, the tent is only accessible to those aged 18 + and will be signed to explain this. Please bear in mind that content screened after 6pm could contain profanity and graphic imagery.