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Nozstock’s original dance arena is a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space to be enjoyed by musicians and music lovers. Now the room serves as a cocoon to the dance world as the walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. Take a detour into this old barn for a dance-lite distraction and keep an eye on this area in the day time… we might make DJs of you yet. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs.

2015 acts included…

We work with some amazing people to make The Hidden Valley the best it can be, but for 2015 we have really outdone ourselves with a selection of the UK’s premier promoters joining us to take over The Bullpen…


The Blast

Back in the days when single genre music events were all the rage, a group of friends from Bristol thought enough was enough. They wanted to step outside the box and give themselves and the people around them a taste of musical variety and something to shout about. Why shouldn’t you be able to listen to a whole range of different genres on one night all under one roof! After many long and late nights experimenting with the boundaries of drum ‘n’ bass and bass music The Blast was formed. Creating a path for others to follow, The Blast always strive to make each event the most fun that they can. Expect to enter the Bullpen and forget where you are…

Featuring –

P Money

p moneyP Money is a Grime MC from South London and one of the founding members of the OGz crew. He has featured on chart hits, been in the MTV’s list of the best UK MCs and toured with English rapper Example. He comes to Nozstock for the first time to show The Bullpen how it’s done.



DJ hailchimpoing from Manchester, bringing a mix of grime, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, trap, garage, dancehall and hip hop that creates a distinctive sound that the crowds all love.




Sam Binga & Redders

sam bingaSam Binga is a Bristol based artist whose set will bring a amazing mix of fast tempo beats. His remix of ‘Rise Again’ has been supported by such names as Rockwell, Kasra and Doc Scott. Alongside his MC of choice, Redders, these two have had a couple of big tunes released on Critical Music, ‘Ayo’ and ‘Lefdem’



Blazey became the first DJ to actively support grime in Bristol back in the noughties and now lays some gritty, deep sounds for the crowd’s delight.


This young and aspiring DJ/producer hailing from Bristol is bringing his high tempo tunes to the Bullpen. He has graced the main stage at Fabric, and gained much support from the likes of Skeptical and Loxy.


One of the founding members of ‘The Blast’, TS2W will be bringing the roof down with his fast paced tunes, with jungle, D’n’B and juke inspired sounds. Let him make you dance like a robotic crab!


Bristol DJ FireManSam is bringing to Nozstock the best of bashment, dub, reggae, afrobeat, grime, garage and hip hop. His mission:  to spread the love for pure dancehall and keep up the good vibes. Resident DJ of Bristol’s dynamic Bass music party Shit The Bed and host of #DRB Bashment party, FireManSam is promising to shake up Bullpen stage.

Remidy MC

Having MC’d for the likes of ZInc and and Nero and having performed at events like Glastonbury and Bestival, along with sell out nights such as Bristol’s Shit the Bed, Remidy remains an inspirational figure of the new drum ‘n’ bass generation. Known for his hard hitting, versatile and original vocal style plus solid positive attitude, the sky’s the limit for Remidy MC.


This established MC is now notching up his releases on his own label. Having the rare skill of ‘knowing when to shut up’, he has played at the big ‘uns including Glastonbury and all over the place from Croatia to Manchester. Taking in garage to hip hop, dubstep to jungle and everything else in between, he will have you popping and locking to his hard hitting tunes.

Tumble Audio

With a mash up of dubstep, UK garage, grime, 3 step, basscore and funky, Tumble Audio are newbies to Nozstock and will be dropping their beats in the Bullpen on Friday whilst they take over and show Nozstock what bass is all about…


Deadbeat UK

Brighton based producer/DJ and bass master Deadbeat UK is determined to fill the Bullpen with heavy bass-garage riddims. Deadbeat can be found on Nasty FM every Monday night and DJing at In The Face parties. His last release ‘Good 2 Me’ has been playing loud on Rinse FM and 1Xtra whilst his current collaboration with Hadean is the evidence of a bright future.


DJ/producer and the face behind Tumble Audio label and club night, Killjoy is one of Nottingham’s bass scene prides. Bass, speed garage and funky vibes are promising a Bullpen session that will leave you asking for more.


One of Brighton’s best bass scene exports Hadean is a producer/DJ and co-runner of In The Face, Brighton’s popular bass-garage club night and record label. He has released the ultimate remix of Rudimental’s massive hit ‘Baby’ and he can be found every other Tuesday on Bass FM.

Hank Limit

One of the founders of Tumble Audio will be joining us in the Bullpen showcasing his energetic, bass heavy tunes for all dancefloor lovers. Starting up in Nottingham, Hank Limit has seen support from Radio 1, 1Xtra and many more and will be sure to get the best of you partying.

Sergic & Lyka

These co-founders of Tumble Audio and Certified Bangers have recently been played on Radio 1, 1Xtra, Rinse FM and Radar Radio. The Nottingham based grime/techno/bass producers have been bringing their bass heavy sounds to the Midlands and now to Nozstock.


Reggae Roast

Reggae Roast have forged a reputation as the leading light in the resurgence of the UK dub/reggae scene. The three-man sound system are spreading their conscious message in the music far and wide, whilst gaining a reputation as one of the key players in the new wave of British reggae. Following on from their broadcast on Kiss FM with Rodigan, the Reggae Roast team have been in high demand performing at countless shows and festivals across Europe, captivating audiences wherever they go. 2015 sees them come to Nozstock to host Saturday in The Bullpen with a line up to top them all…


Mad Professor

One of the leading producers in dub reggae’s second generation. Born in Guyana, the Mad Professor moved to London in his teens, started mixing in his early 20’s, and has been bringing his space aged tracks to the scene ever since. Headlining Reggae Roast’s takeover, the question is often asked, just how sane is The Mad Professor? Judging by the contents of his character and by the results of his recordings, plus the variety of the artistes who have passed through his label Ariwa Studios, then he is certainly one of the sanest and most talented producers around.

Adam Prescott

Nottingham’s own Adam Prescott is one the most exciting new producers in the UK digital roots scene. Adam has quickly established himself as one of the key players in the re-emergence of British reggae, with first class original songs featuring the likes of Daddy Freddy, Brother Culture, Dynamite MC, Charlie P & Tippa Irie to name but a few. In addition to his releases on Mindstep and Nice Up! records, he is very much in-demand for his memorable remixes for artists such as Horace Andy, Mungo’s Hi-Fi + Dub Pistols, plus many more. Add to that consistent play on BBC Radio One, 1Xtra and Rinse FM, Adam is becoming one of the hottest prospects in the revival of soundsystem music.

Donovan Kingjay

Hailing from east London where he learnt everything he knows, Donovan Kingjay will bring reggae sounds to our very own Bullpen. Inspired and influenced by reggae singers such as Dennis Brown and Luciano, after the release of his debut album ‘Higher Meditation’ in 2013 Kingjay quickly became a prolific freelance artist, working with many sounds & labels. Most recently you may have heard his release from Adam Prescot, Conscious Sounds, as well as Roots Resolute’s labels ‘Statistics’, ‘Be ThankFull’ and ‘Fyah Warrior’.


Sika Studios

SIKA studios are returning to Nozstock transforming The Bullpen into A Hip Hop Squat for Saturday night and Sunday! By day they provide break dance lessons and graffiti workshops, with a chance for everyone to get their hands on a spray can, meaning all ages can get creative. By night, enjoy SIKA’s dynamic programming, bringing you DJs spanning every urban style and a big time groove to your weekend.


Deadly Hunta

Deadly Hunta started off his career chatting on the soundsystems African Roots and SkyJuice in the early nineties. Over the next couple of years Hunta kept himself busy doing plenty of shows supporting artists such as Glamour Kid, Silvier Taylor and Daddy Freddy. Then in 1996 he got his first record deal with MCA where he gained much experience touring around the UK. He also supported Buju Banton on his 1996 ’til Shiloh’ tour. He went on to work with DJ Skitz from Radio 1 Extra and through him appeared on a Mixologist CD released in 2003. After that he released his own 12 inch on his label Much Love records in August 2003. Supporting groups such as the Wu Tang Clan, Ice T, FYA Girls and many more it is easy to see Deadly’s contribution to music and it’s easy to see why we’re excited for him to contribute to this years Nozstock.


Born and bred in Hackney, Klashnekoff is one of the most recognizable artists on the UK hip hop scene. His raps reflect the society he’s had to grow up in, making him an identifiable figure for many young people in the UK today. His expertise as a genre unifier has enabled him to perform in a mix of locations from big festivals like Glastonbury, to London’s musical hubs Coco and Jazz Cafe, to well known club venues such as Ministry of Sound. Klashnekoff has featured alongside the likes of Kano and Shaznay, he hooked up with renowned DJ Jus’ Blaze for Playstation plus Rio Ferdinand, Pete Doherty and the Arctic Monkeys are all fans. In 2004 he won a UMA Award, and in 2007 DJ Premier put him forward for a BET Award nomination. So to sum up, Nozstockers, we’re good to you.


The self-proclaimed drum ‘n’ bass father is hitting up the Bullpen with crazy bars and straight up pars. Renowned for his dubwars with ‘Boy Better Know’s’ Skepta and Chipmunk, SIKA studios’ very own Devilman is a fiend for the unconventional…This filthy set is a must-see for all you grime heads; we’ll see you there for a good old traditional Saturday night skank to some less than traditional Saturday night sounds.

Leaf Dog + BVA

Leaf Dog and BVA are two real pioneers of the UK hip hop scene and serious players for the now world-renowned UK hip hop label ‘High Focus’. These two partners in rhyme have been spitting together since the very beginning. Firstly combining to make up two thirds of UK hip hop legends The 3 Amigos, they then joined forces again as part of the mighty Four Owls, delivering more epic bars and an endless list of live shows! As if this wasn’t enough, the two are now working together on their third project Brothers Of The Stone whose début album was short listed as one of Wordplay Magazine’s albums of the year. With so much raw talent and a vast array of different styles and flows from these two expert lyricists we cant wait to hear them drop some bars at this years Nozstock!

Split Prophets

Bringing the Bristolian hip hop vibes from the city back to The Farm, Split Prophets are set to deliver their unbeatable urban sound in The Bullpen. Driven to provide unique lyricism whilst keeping their musical roots firmly in the UK’s trademark style, Upfront and Res have been going in hard alongside producer Badhabitz since the birth of the crew in 2011. 2012 saw them voted Wordplay’s best crew. Their return to The Hidden Valley is to much acclaim from Herefordshire’s hardest Hip Hop Heads.

Team Dreebs

Signed to YoGoCop Records, Team Dreebs are a hip hop crew from Brighton made up of some well known names on the scene –  Cloud 9, Illiterate, Benaddict, Awfer, NuffZed, Terry Tonks, M Kozi, Mr Slipz, NuphZed, Tom Yum, Hank Hiller and Bo Bribery.

Gypsy Unit

Four piece ‘Gyp-hop’ pioneers from Bristol, aka, Gypsy Unit, will be rocking up to Nozstock this year and will be bringing their trademark sounds with them. Following the exclusive release of their 2015 album ‘Mild Mid West’ out on SIKA Records, we hope as much as they love to party that you do too. Having done the rounds on the festival circuit so to speak; these guys love nothing more than a big ol’ party so it’s a good job we do too! Their raucous party vibe brings with it catchy choruses and some big phat bass that will be sure to rattle through the Bullpen.

Dirty Dockerz

Entering the session with rhymes and limes comes Mr. Tommy Dockerz with his weird and wavy world.

Omus One

Small town boy done good, Omus One finds space among darkly atmospheric UK Hip Hop beats to spit intelligent, intricate bars which showcase his finely tuned lyricism.

Motion Enterprise

Motion Enterprise bring you quintessentially dusty boom bap beats strung together with lackadaisical flows to satisfy the most hardcore of hip hop heads.


High class hip-hop. J Maxfield and Double Negative on the beats. Stash Mandizoot & Twiggs on the verbs.

Flash Harry

Flash Harry is a mash up DJ whose fluid style consists of Reggae, Hip Hop, Funk and DnB.