Photographers: Lee Hawkins, Hristina, James@Example Mag, Simon Lewis, April Newman, Angus Rushworth, Joe Singh, Ray Whittaker, Mike Hale, Mairead McHugh, Rob Thomas, Ffion Roberts, Ian Palmer

Nozstock’s original dance arena is a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space to be enjoyed by musicians and music lovers. Now the room serves as a cocoon to the dance world as the walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. Take a detour into this old barn for a dance-lite distraction and keep an eye on this area in the day time… we might make DJs of you yet. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs.

Sika Studios

SIKA studios are returning to Nozstock transforming The Bullpen into A Hip Hop Squat! By day they provide break dance lessons and graffiti workshops, with a chance for everyone to get their hands on a spray can, meaning all ages can get creative. By night, enjoy SIKA’s dynamic programming, bringing you DJs spanning every urban style and bringing a big time groove to your weekend.

Acts announced so far…

High Focus showcase

Established in 2010 to offer a platform for a new generation of rappers & producers in the UK, we are hyped to welcome High Focus Records back to Nozstock. Expect to see a throw down of unique styles and alter egos in this showcase of the finest UK Hip Hop talent.

Split Prophets

Bristol hip-hop collective return to The Bullpen with more fresh sounds and sick beats. Members include Upfront, Blanka, Res, Bil Next, Datkid, Flying Monk, Paro, Twotungz and DJ Badhabitz. These guys are always a Nozstock favourite, coming with a bomb load of fresh sounds.

Devilman D.E.Velopment

This grime, dubstep and d n b MC comes with pure fire dirty lyrics. He has recently released his Devilman’s Diary EP on Sika Records and will be tearing up The Bullpen with his own unique style of delivery…WUNSEN!


Real.Life.Drama records is another Bristol based independent label closely affiliated with High Focus and it’s associates. Expect a showcase from the best up and coming UK hip-hop artists and producers, which include members such as: Smellington Piff, NLP, Jack Jetson, BVA, Leaf Dog, Illinformed & more.

Skuff & Inja

Skuff and Inja bring live hip hop back to the crowd-blazing stage it deserves. They are one of the most explosive UK live acts to date. Made up of MCs Inja and Skuff, both acclaimed solo artists, who are renowned for stellar live performances, lyrical diversity and undisputed crowd-pleasing showmanship.

Defenders of Style

Leeds based collective Defenders of Style have opened for the likes of Foreign Beggars and Souls of Mischief. Their releases from 2009s Thought of The Nameless through to 2012s Dirty Sterling shine through the talent of this five peice which have led to sets at Beatherder, Outlook and Nozstock.


Cardiff MC, Marcus Traumatik has collaborated with Marvin and Eazy, released on Shiftin Beats and received acclaim for tracks like Wake Up and Kryptonite.

Off Me Nuts Records

A showcase from Sheffield’s Off Me Nuts Records. For those that don’t know Off Me Nuts work with artists like Phatworld and Squire of Gothos. Expect anything and everything from these guys from bass to acid, pop to garage.

Flash Harry

Flash Harry is a mash up DJ who’s style consists of Reggae, Hip Hop, Funk and Drum n Bass. A bit of a Nozstock veteran these days, he has played alongside the likes of Krafty Kuts, Freestyliners and Foreign Beggars and has a weekly underground music show on UKFM.