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Nozstock’s original dance arena is a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space to be enjoyed by musicians and music lovers. Now the room serves as a cocoon to the dance world as the walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. Take a detour into this old barn for a dance-lite distraction and keep an eye on this area in the day time… we might make DJs of you yet. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs.





Sika Studios

SIKA studios are returning to Nozstock transforming The Bullpen into A Hip Hop Squat! By day they provide break dance lessons and graffiti workshops, with a chance for everyone to get their hands on a spray can, meaning all ages can get creative. By night, enjoy SIKA’s dynamic programming, bringing you DJs spanning every urban style and bringing a big time groove to your weekend. Acts announced so far…

Split Prophets

Bristol hip-hop collective return to The Bullpen with more fresh sounds and sick beats. Members include Upfront, Blanka, Res, Bil Next, Datkid, Flying Monk, Paro, Twotungz and DJ Badhabitz. These guys are always a Nozstock favourite, coming with a bomb load of fresh sounds.

Devilman D.E.Velopment

This grime, dubstep and d n b MC comes with pure fire dirty lyrics. He has recently released his Devilman’s Diary EP on Sika Records and will be tearing up The Bullpen with his own unique style of delivery…WUNSEN!

Defenders of Style

Leeds based collective Defenders of Style have opened for the likes of Foreign Beggars and Souls of Mischief. Their releases from 2009s Thought of The Nameless through to 2012s Dirty Sterling shine through the talent of this five peice which have led to sets at Beatherder, Outlook and Nozstock.

Off Me Nuts Records

A showcase from Sheffield’s Off Me Nuts Records. For those that don’t know Off Me Nuts work with artists like Phatworld and Squire of Gothos. Expect anything and everything from these guys from bass to acid, pop to garage.


Bristolian hip hop crew with rock influences, bringing fresh innovative energy to the genre.


High class hip-hop. J Maxfield and Double.Negative on the beats Stash Mandizoot & Twiggs on the verbs.

Moose Funk Squad

A devastating group of individual MC’s coming together under the name Moose Funk Squad.’ Expect plenty of hard hitting lyrics lighting up The Bullpen.

Concept of Thought

Concept of Thought have a unique style. Their EP Painting in Silence saw guest spots from Dirty Dike and Ed Scissortoungue.

J Man

A core member of the SIKA crew, J-Man could already be considered a bit of a Nozstock veteran. He’s also performed at NASS and Boardmasters.

Oliver Sudden

A serial music entrepreneur, Oliver is considered a key figure in UK hip-hop, not just for his skills as a MC and DJ but also as a promoter and a manager.

Cracker Jon

Underground hip-hop MC Cracker Jon will be bringing his intelligent lyricism to us all the way from Croydon.

The Blunt Skins

The Blunt Skins are a Hip Hop group from Manchester featuring Pro P, Cheech and Bill Sykes.

Rhyme Pad

A group of Cambridge based DJs and hip hop artists who run Rhyme Pad Radio and Rhyme Pad Records: they love hard beats and deep rhymes also giving local hip hop artists a platform to share their sounds with the community


Gravity is used to hyping a crowd having supported some of the dance world heavyweights including Rusko and Alix Perez.

Smallz Deep

Known for his emotive lyrics’ and the tender young age when he started making music this Grime artist has worked hard to get where he is today.

 Raw Element

Formed in 2002 this 6 piece play genres from heavy raggae downbeats to snatches of Latin and gypsy melody. Their album Matter was commended for it’s positivity.

Born in A Barn

Born in A Barn offer something for everyone with their eclectic mix of ska, hip hop, raggae and soul, all with a political twist.


Hip hop that nods it’s head to the late greats yet welcomes new sounds with open arms. TPS’ music effortlessly slides from jazzy rhythms to grimy beats.

Sleaze & Sonnyjim

Sonnyjim, who formed the mighty Eatgood Records and Sleaze, part of the GV Clik have gained a cult following since the release of Theolovision.

Katch Pyro

The heterogeneous style of Katch Pyro will see you bouncing and grinding to a fusion of hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, jazz, raggae, ska and even a bit of opera thrown in.


AKA Charlie Brown C3B plays tekno and jungle straight outta Brighton. Coming to The Bullpen for the first time…


Tenchoo has been rapping under various guises since his early teens but has settled into being a solo performer. His album Scary Monsters is available now.

Kimberley Newell

Mixing genres of urban garage and trip-hop, Kimberley creates a truly unique sound. Be prepared to be captivated by this chill out music with a female touch.


Hailing from the southwest, this underground hip-hop/rap group are making their Nozstock debut. Their unique sound will have you grooving to their grind.

Sub Kon

A hip-hop breaks and funk session with the Sun Kon crew spitting their skills.

Jam Baxter

From Contact PLay and Dead Players, Jam Baxter’s explicit lyrics and varied collaborations have earned him notoriety as one of the best underground hip-hop acts in the UK.


NK has a broad music background and his live shows cover dirty house to dubstep. A man full of surprises, this DJ certainly knows how to energise a crowd.

24 hour Garage Girls

A soapy rinse out for all you dirty festival ravers. The ultimate car and body wash experience!

Ill Sonic

Playing hip hop and grime since the age of fourteen. 2014 is the year for Frankie Blue, his mixtape Time For Change is out now.

Deadly Hunta

Deadly Hunts contribution to music is clear. He’s supported Wu Tang Crew, played at WOMAD, his single Mamma Mia got Radio 1 play on Nihal’s show, and his track Put Down the Gun was released on the Jamdown records EP.

Luca Dee

Luca Dee is a bristol grubstep MC and firm member of the SIKA fam. He’s collaborated with Traumatic and Monkster.

Sonny Spellz

Sonny Spellz has played some of the UK’s best events including NASS and Symmetry. Now he shows the Bullpen his skills.

Grim Sickers

Grim Sickers have recieved support from BBC 1extra and channel AKA for his tune ‘Only Way Out’ featuring Benji Clements. He’s appeared on lineups alongside the likes of Shy FX.


Danja took his grub-step sounds with the SIKA fam to NASS this year, alongside Scruloose. We’re very excited to see what he does in the hip-hop squat.


Fuzer bagged a place on the Sika line up at NASS this year. Now he’s living up to the hype at Nozstock…

Miss Twist

Princess of UK Grime Miss Twist is a regular MC on the Bristol hip hop scene.

Mr No Body

Fresh beats as Mr Nobody takes his place on The Bullpen line up for the first time.


Hailing from the southwest, this underground hip-hop/rap group are making their Nozstock debut. Their unique sound will have you grooving to their grind!

Leaf Dog and BVA

Leaf Dogs combination of real lyrics and inventive punch lines have made him one of the most exciting artists of the High Focus roster.  BVA’s jammed with the likes of Dr Syntax and is one quarter of hip hop super group The Four Owls. 

Katch Pyro

The heterogeneous style of Katch Pyro will see you bouncing and grinding to a fusion of hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, jazz, reggae, ska and even a bit of opera thrown in.

Lords Of Nothing

Lords Of Nothing is comprised of Towa on beats and Spitfire on the mic. ‘Their debut release Lucky Charms showcases their diversity and tightly packed wordplay.

Squid Ninjas

Hip hop crew Squid Ninja Records consists of Lou Hekla, Joe Blow, Cesto, Joe Dirt, Metabeats, Ral Duke, Skamma and JDS.

Concept of Thought + Benaddict

Concept of Thought have a unique style. Their EP Painting in Silence saw guest spots from Dirty Dike and Ed Scissortongue. Bennadict is a purveyor of laid back flow and beat combos.

Pauly Piper

Pauly Piper is a high energy Beatbox flautest. He moves through genres and mixes various styles creating a polyphonic display of singing, beatbox and flute.

Kuedon + Impack + Guests

Birmingham based MC Kuedon has gone from strength to strength since making his entry to the DnB scene. Representing the South-West & beyond, Impact has been very much at the forefront of his local scene for a number of years.

Satta Sounds

Satta Sounds is a Jungle & Ragga-Jungle record label based in Norwich, UK. It started in 2006 as a underground dance event and has gone from strength to strength.


Jungle and Ragga DJ Brookie, playing his own music from a massive selection of Vinyl guaranteed to go in.