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Standing proud at the hilltop of the Dingle is the Bandstand. Hosting a variety of eclectic sounds, it’s philosophy is to bring diverse, unsigned and experimental acts to the stage.

This stage is perfect for those of you looking for a comfy sofa to chill with a beer, hoping to source new music. Tucked into its own area on the far side of the Dingle, the Bandstand creates an atmosphere all of its own. Just ask Phill Jupitus – he couldn’t be prised from his choice armchair…

Announced so far…

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

Mr B pic

Aiming to dazzle with dignity, Mr. B takes to the stage for a second time over the weekend with his Banjolele and stiff upper lip to perform ditties of pipe-smoking, high society, cricket and sexual misadventure, as well as some more well-known pieces from the world of hip-hop, re-worked in true Chap-Hop fashion.


 Manuela Barczewski

Manuela Barczewski is a German artist and musician based in the UK. Her songs describe a melancholy and reflective stillness. Hints of folk, blues and an early 90s- style-Seattle feel infest her newer works whilst sounding poised and modern. Her collaborations, in the recent years, with Hauschka (Fat Cat) are a natural step,both artists having a keen sense of the pastoral with affecting minimalism.

Pink Cigar

Pink Cigar are the most exciting young band to emerge from the current crop of UK rock & roll talent. Hailing from the infamous streets of Ladbroke Grove in the west side of London, the bluesy-glam-punk-rock n roll quartet have spent the last couple of years honing their musical chops and earning their dues playing live, thundering through the capital’s rock scene and breaking down the walls of every venue they grace, bringing an intensity and energy that just can’t be bought and needs to be experienced.

Ailsa Tully

Ailsa Tully is a singer- songwriter and folk cellist currently studying popular music at Goldsmiths University. Ailsa uses the Cello in a new and unconventional way to accompany her voice and modal song writing style, drawing on influences from ‘The Incredible string band’ to ‘The Staves’ she combines folk stories with personal poetic imagery.

Japanese Fighting Fish

Japanese Fighting Fish have been unleashing their unique mix of musical madness on the underground scene since their emergence from Leeds in 2009. Ringmaster Karlos soars with smoky vocals over a rollercoaster ride of heavy groove rhythms, leaving the audience confused and impressed in equal measure. 2015 sees the release of their hotly anticipated third album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’ – watch out for zee Fish!!!

The Wow Signal

The Wow Signal are a punky rock ‘n’ roll quintet, found most days bashing out their take on the 2 minute pop song down the local rehearsal room in Hackney, East London. Crunchy guitars, dirty bass lines and pounding drums form the backdrop for their tales of angst fuelled melodrama. Formed in early 2015 this bunch of wiry vagabonds are picking up speed!

Sahara Heights

Sahara Heights are a young and dynamic 5-piece indie-rock /heavy-pop band from Swindon, channelling a blend of influences from modern indie, psychedelic and classic 60s bands. The likes of Foals, Tame Impala and The Beatles, are a proven blend in their song-writing, with musically balanced hooks and riffs. Starting out as a 4-piece in the summer of 2014, the band began writing original material, with an eagerness to perform live. Through the use of pedals and experimental sounds, their sets offer an ear engaging experience and a memorable performance. Now with a recently joined member on keys, a more developed soundscape has been opened to explore as well. A natural chemistry between the band is apparent in their collaboration and stage presence.

Dutch Cousin

Dutch Cousin are a six piece alternative/indie/electro band hailing from Birmingham, with a deep seeded sense of melodic craftsmanship and atmospheric arrangements. Described as “electro dream pop” and “the future of Birmingham’s music scene” by BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, their sound and style spans across an eclectic variety of influences and eras, delivering a concoction of ethereal acoustic tones and ominous, electric pulses. With songs that voyage through landscapes of pensive melancholy to vivacious terrains of ferocity, and armed with an artistic intention that transcends simple pop music, Dutch Cousin are a captivating and highly concentrated dose of contemporary musical talent.

The Rupees

Bristol boys The Rupees have been creating a buzz on Bristol music scene, ‘a patch work quilt of different styles’ (Bristol Beats Club). Atmospheric synthesizer tones, grizzly guitars and gruff, rough vocals that combine to create a swirling, hypnotic trip will leave you dazed and confused, whacked, cracked, rocked and rolled. Selling out small venues across the city and beyond, they talk of sex, work, dancing like John Travolta, with a foot rooted in the past and the other firmly in the future.

Joe Johnson x Francis Anyanjo

Embark on a new form of original music, elements of rock, folk, swing, blues, hip-hop blended together  by singer-songwriter Joe Johnson an his ‘partner in rhyme’ Francis Anyanjo. Both are BIMM students in Bristol, aspiring professional producers and songwriters these two have a busy year planned, keeping it fresh on the South West and festival circuit. ‘BuffPeng’.